Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break in Sydney, Australia

When your in another country, you are not obliged to stay in just one area. You are just about capable of traveling out to other places as well. for example my brother and I headed out to Sydney, Australia for a week for Spring Break, or as they say it here down under, "Fall Recess."Originally we both initially joked about going, but in the end we were serious about going. Lucky for us that by going we actually avoid a major cyclone which hammered Townsville (The city we are currently living in and going to school) the day after we left, completely flooding the city.

While in Sydney my brother an I explored the entire city and saw literally everything. Our first few days we saw Sydney's wonderful beach side areas which were amazing. After that we went to the infamous Sydney Opera House, where I literally touched it and toured it and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. During our visit of the Historical city I also attended the annual "Sydney Royal Easter Show" at the famous Sydney Olympic Park where the 2000 Olympic Games were held. while there my brother and myself almost got to see Prince Williams and Princess Kate, but unfortunate it was too crowded and we got swamped.

Sydney wasn't the only part of New South Wales my brother and I explored while on Spring Break. We toured Australia's famous "Three Sister" mountains as well "Blue Mountains" located in the small town of Katoomba, where we literally just missed the Royal couple yet again (It seemed where ever we went, they were close behind us haha). Next we also explore the 300 million year old Jenolan Caves, which I might add are the oldest caves in the world.

For the most part it was incredibly chilly in the New South Wales (Province which Sydney is located) region of the country. Since Australia is located in the southern side of the equator, it is currently Fall or Autumn here (weather is opposite here as opposed the the United States). Nevertheless I had the time of my life down in Sydney, in fact I was incredibly sad to leave such a marvelous city.

As Ive said previously, "when your in another country, you are not obliged to stay in just one area." Sure you have school and school work to concern yourself with, however you will away have time to go out to other famous locations in your host country. Townsville, Australia is proximately 1100 miles away from Sydney (The equivalent of L.A. to Vancouver, Canada), yet I still managed my time and school responsibilities and made it down to the most populous city in Australia, as well as the most popular and famous. If I could do it, then so can you where ever you may journey to.

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