Monday, April 21, 2014

My second weekend in Costa Rica involved holding a Toucan, hiking a waterfall, and seeing a volcano. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The weeks seem to take forever to finish. Having to wake up before 7am to be able to make it to mi clase de Español kind of diminishes the fun having during the week. After my daily, four hour long class (kill me), I then have to attend my other classes. It is exhausting to say the least.
By the time the weekend rolls around I am ready to sleep, have some fun and not study one bit! Unfortunately, sleeping in is not usually a possibility during excursions because you have to be up excessively early to eat breakfast before we start out busy days.

This Saturday I had to be up at 6am to go to Poas Volcano. I dream of the day I can sleep until 10am, that is my heaven. Anyway, we went to the volcano. The hike was stunning. Much of the trails had trees growing like hallways surrounding the trail. It was a tad creepy but I love that, I couldn’t help but think it could be such a fun Halloween hike!
Once we got to the top we saw something amazing… a cloud. A very very large cloud, to be fair. In fact, it was such an enormous cloud we were standing in it while we stared at it. Although this wasn’t exactly the beautiful crater I was expecting, there was something charming about it all.
After the cloud, we drove to La Paz Waterfall. Before we saw the actual waterfall, we saw animals! There were multiple rooms that visitors can walk into and have the animals all around them. I got to hold a toucan, have humming birds fly right past my face, have butterflies of all kinds fly all around me, and be a couple inches away from extremely poisonous frogs without any glass separating us. It was amazing.

butterfly hatching 
Finally, it was time for the waterfall. We hiked down and were greeted with a truly breathtaking view. It seemed to be the farther we hiked the more beauty we saw. I, of course, took too many pictures to count so I would never forget this site. After hiking and struggling to get back to the top, I was ready for a cold drink and a nap.

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