Saturday, April 19, 2014

School Holidays, Class Breaks, and Vacation!!

I'm not going to dwell on this topic that much because (as you may know) my brother is here with me and you will have to read his post to find out more ;). Basically, taking advantage of your time in another country will only make your stay even more exciting. Here at JCU we had our Fall Break (equivalent to Spring Break) and I decided along with my brother not to say up in Northern Queensland...

Actually going back two weeks ago, we were hit by a category 5 cyclone which was quickly reduced to a category 2 when it reached land. A lot of damaged was done at an estimated 3.4 million dollars I believe. Most of this destruction happened in Cairns, about 200 miles north of Townsville. Luckily Marcel and I left at the right time, because the day after we arrived in Sydney, Townsville airport was flooded due to heavy rain!! Luckily we registered with the students abroad government agency which let us know ahead of time

....So furthermore, we spent our Fall Break in Sydney and had the time of our lives. Luckily we are fortunate enough to have family that lives there, and they took us to so many breathtaking, picturesque, historical, and magnificent location in New South Wales. As you may also know the Duke and Duchess of the UK, (Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton) were in New Zealand and Australia. It was funny how we were playing "cat-and-mouse" the entire time we were there. When we left the Sydney Opera House, they arrived there. When we left Katoomba at the Three Sisters, they arrived. Finally, this morning on our way to the airport, we saw their private plane and body guards! So again, live, laugh, love and enjoy never know, you may end up living in your study abroad destination :)
 The New South Wales Supreme Court  

 Sydney Harbor Bridge
Sydney Opera House

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