Monday, April 21, 2014

From the moment I stepped foot on Nica soil I fell in love. It was something about the atmosphere that capured my whole being. The people warmed my heart and the sites took me away. I stayed in Granada for 4 days the first time around and was torn when it cam time for me to leave. I was able to visit the Cathedral, Lake Colcibolca, various food places, and a few small markets. I spent my nights speaking with the locals about their lifestyles and what they enjoy doing most. We were also  able to discuss human rights issues and the low pay rates. I have, since, been back 4 times and in a different city each time. Leon, Granada, San Juan del Sur, and Masaya have been my destinations of choice. Leaving was a bittersweet feeling, but I know that I will be back at least twice a year. Walking down the streets hearing my name told me that I have been one too many times and have made many friends, from the homeless in the streets to the waiters. I am (so I have been told) an honorary Nica. The heatwave of love never fails and leaving breaks my heart, even though I know I will return.

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