Saturday, June 11, 2016

Australia travel -Shuo-Ting Hsu

Aloha everyone
I am Shuo-Ting Hsu go by Sophia. I came to Australia in Griffith University Nathan campus to do studyabroad one semester. During these four months I went to many places  Sunshine Coast, Noose Head, North Stradbroke Island, Sunnybank, Gold Coast, Springbrook, Tamborine and Sydney, etc…
Australia is good place to travel but better is travel by car is more convenience.
Today I gonna introduction to everyone some fun places to travel when who you are come to Australia.
First SpringBrook National Park-Natural Bridge in there you can see Glow-Warm. You went to there at night and could not use flash light in there that would hurt Glow-Warm.

Glow worm is the common name for various groups of insect larvae and adult larviform females that glow through bioluminescence.

And also can go to Brisbane’s city and can go to amusement park, in Gold Coast has Dreamworld, WhiteWater Worl, SkyPoint, MovieWorld, Sea World and Movie World. In here have many different amusement parks. And you go to tours company to buy tickets because sometime would on sale or package together.
Next is Australia Zoo, that is the biggest one zoo in here. In there you can see many different animals such as Kangaroo and Koala. You can close to them and take photos. But the Kangaroo did not like you think would always jump. They are very lazy always lay down on the grass. 

 Thank you

Thursday, June 9, 2016

About buy car information in Australia- Shuo-Ting Hsu (Sophia)

Hello everyone

My name is Shuo-Ting Hsu go by Sophia. Right now I am doing study abroad in Australia. I am study in Griffith University for spring semester in 2016. I stay in Sunnybank, Queensland and I bought a used car in here. That is more convenience for me to go to school, travel and supermarket to buy food and daily staffs. I would buy a car in there that is because I come with my twin younger sister and we need to go to school four days in a week. Each time take bus we should spent four dollars for each person so a week we should spend 32 dollars total that is over our a week’s oil money. One more reason is take bus is spend too much time, for example, I drive to school just need 10 minutes but take bus need 20 to 50 minutes because depend on which bus you take. I want to describe and teach everyone who want to buy car in Australia when you are come to here to do study abroad. You can use facebook to search “Brisbane”(depend on which area you want to go )and add some group that would show may information in there about rent places, sell car and others information. So you can use facebook to find used cars on there and car year range has 1990 to 2009 and price can be AUD 2000 to 6000. 

If you buy a car first you should check whether the owner done RWC. In Queensland a roadworthy certificate is called a safety certificate. A safety certificate is needed when a registered light vehicle is offered for sale in Queensland, or when re-registering an unregistered vehicle. It confirms that a vehicle has passed a minimum safety standard inspection. This inspection covers the basics for the safe operation of the vehicle, such as:
·         tyres
·         brakes
·         steering
·         suspension
·         body rust or damage
·         windscreen
·         lights.
Then go to Queensland Government office for transport services and just need to figure out some application form then would be done.  And one more thing need to be careful is if you buy car in Queensland then you should sell your car in Queensland could not sell your car in Sydney or other places. 
Thank you 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Things I Take for Granted In/Out of Turkey

What I Take for Granted Outside of Turkey
     1. Ethnic food (Thai, Chinese, Korean, Mexican…etc.)
     2. Rules of the Road
     3. Well-marked streets
     4. People not caring what I’m wearing
     5. People being able to understand me when I need something/anything without effort
     6. People of varying genders on the street around me
     7. Free stuff/food given out at my university
     8. Being able to drive (Not that I feel capable of driving here, see 2&3)
     9. Escaping other human beings sometimes
   10. People walking and queuing in uniform/orderly ways

What I Take for Granted Inside Turkey
     1. Everyone caring about your well-being after you've met once (genuinely)
     2. The ability to get anything delivered to your home or taken from your home for fixin’
       - Clarification on the taking part: if you shoe is broken your building manager will come get         it, take it to a cobbler for you, and the cobbler will shine and fix your shoe for a minuscule fee,           then the building manager will bring your shoes to you
     3. Street food of all varieties
     4. Sweet food in all varieties
     5. The Plethora of Public Transport (buses, ferries, taxies, dolmus, metro, tram…)
     6. Cheap, easy inter-city and international travel by bus to basically anywhere you want
     7. Finding joy in expressing yourself in a language you don’t really know
     8. Kisses on the cheek at greeting, at leaving (and double hugs)
     9. Markets where in-season vegetables can be haggled over next to knock-off Nike*
    10. My Turkish families which brightened my day each and every day

*Alleged fake, which can also be haggled down in price

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

To travel in Australia

Learning from travel
Recently, I went to many places to get different experiences on each trips without the school time. To me, travel is an attitude to color my life. Process is a chance to recognize myself. If I have any free time, I often do not waste my time to plan my next step where I am going to travel in this beautiful area.

Take my package, drive the car, free in schedule, walk into natural, and join with partners….. It is my one of main parts in Australia life.

One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. - Henry Miller

Next time, it is your turn to be here.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Exchange Student in Griffith University

Be an Exchange Student

I chose Griffith University for studying abroad in Australia and it was one of best dedication in my college life. It was bring different experiences to me between HPU and GU in education. I want to share my school life with you.

During in this semester, I like Griffith University provided many convenient services and equipment in technicality to students for using in the campus and classes, and the international office also provided professional service to international students and exchange students for asking the question on information.

It was my first day to arrival in Brisbane. When I walked out to the exit, I saw the Griffith University’s officers were waiting for us for on time. The university had a special car would take you to your living place in safely. I recommended the service of airport transfer to our students for study abroad and the important thing is the service is free to exchange students.

The service center of Griffith University in the airport

Orientation Day – I walked into the campus, I can feel the people, music and food around with me. It had many booths to introduce about the school and student life. I got more ideas to understand the environment of University. I enjoyed the day.

The meet and greet event– all the exchange students who from different countries or students who prepare to study abroad. We meet together to recognize each other. We ate the food, drank the beverage, chatted with other people and played the bingo game. I had a good time to make new friends in the party.

I like lunch trunk because I can taste different food on lunch. We showed out our student ID that we can get discount for any food and free water. Is not a good deal for students? We can enjoy the food, at the same time, enjoyed someone was playing the guitar for performance in the corner.

How big is it!!!!
I felt cool when I walked in the class in first time. I discovered usually students would bring in their laptop to the class. Because the professors usually put all the information as PowerPoint, videos, class note, and assignment on the school website. In addition, it has an advantage on lecture would record the professor voice to provide students can listen it again on courses platform. You can easy catch it if you miss any part in the class.


It is helping you to understand more the content in the course and it easy to share your idea with your classmate in a small group.

                                                       Thank you for your reading!!!

Take her to see the beautiful world

This trip was my third time to take her to travel around different country.My mommy came to visit us in Australia when we took a long break last time. Before that, I want to share the little story, why the happening became truth. One day, I face time with my family to chat with them. We said, we will have a long time and we are planning to travel to another city, then next minute, my sister said, take your mommy to go.” Then my mommy said, “YES”.The answer, "YES"  is writing our story about the seven days six night travel in Brisbane to Sydney.

Welcome to Brisbane!!!!I was so proud of my mommy, she took the airplane to visit us by herself. Because usually someone would stay with her to take the airplane and in addition, she can’t speak English so that why our family was so worried about her that period when she was flying alone .Although my mommy got a little trouble when she entered to Australia, it was not a big problem to affect our mood. I just gave my mommy a hug and took her hand, let her feel reassured that I am in her side. Everything will be fine, even it is wrong.We went to many places to visit and did lots of activities, but the most important thing was we are together. Thank you mommy to come here for visiting. Thank you be a young girl to travel with us. Thank you stay with us. Thank you for everything. I love my family.

If you only visit the city of Sydney, I recommend you to take the bus or walk better that rental car around the city that will be more convenience for you. Also, you are looking for the attractions that you can consult the city pass.  

Thank you for reading

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Australia, Brisbane, SHUO-TING HSU

Hello everyone, I am Shuo-Ting Hsu go by Sophia. I come to Australia to study abroad in spring semester in 2016. I study in Griffith University Nathan campus in Brisbane. The school has many campus located on different places. If you choice Griffith University you should think about what is campus you want to stay and what is your major is because different campus provide different majors . Griffith University has Gold Coast campus, Logan campus, Mt Gravatt campus, Nathan campus and South Bank campus. Such as South Bank campus provide art class and music and like Gold Coast campus and Nathan campus distance 2 hours by car. Next I want to introduction to everyone is “go card”. In Queensland, when you want to take bus and train you can use go card or pay cash. In here, when you pay cash, the driver can give change to you. When you get go card you should login your information on TransLink Website and you can login and see you schedule and if charge unfair you can write a letter to the company and they would refund to you. But if today, you go Sydney would use different card is call “Opal card”. In Sydney use different company so should be careful which city you want to go. Thank you for your reading.
opal card us in NSW

Adult                                                         Child

Image of blue adult go card                                Image of orange child go card
15 years and over                                               5 - 14 years old (inclusive)
Expires 10 years after day of issue                     Expires on the child's 15th birthday

Senior                                                      Concession
Image of dark red senior go card                           Image of bright green concession go card
Current Australian Senior Card holders                 Full-time secondary and tertiary students,
Choose a Senior go card or Seniors Card +go         pensioners, veterans