Sunday, December 27, 2015

United Kingdom- University of Hertfordshire


Hello all!
  My name is Sophia Suarez! I'm a senior at HPU majoring in Business Management. I chose to study at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, England for my Fall 2015 semester. The university has a wide variety of resources available to their students, including their exchange students. Despite still speaking english, I experienced some culture shock. Some things are just different than mainland U.S. and Hawaii. For instance somethings I would look for in the grocery stores that I was used to buying, such as gatorade or lucky charms etc just were not there. Its not a bad thing, but its just something to adjust to. Their methods of teaching and timetable for classes also took some adjusting to as it was very different from HPU.  Getting used to a different currency, and assimilating to English slang and language took time. But the entire time was part of a bigger and wider learning experience. 

These photos are from my first few weeks in England!

En Route to London Heathrow Airport!
The Church of St. Peter in St. Albans. My first look at the intricate architecture in England. 
My flat mate Mercedes  (left from New Mexico) and Menni (from Finland on my right) taking a break in St. Albans

The Forum at University of Hertfordshire. A fun night out on Campus, also the location of Ed Sheeran's video "Lego House" 
Another Church in St. Albans

Taking a lunch break at a farmers market a short walk from King's Cross Station
Making friends with the neighbor flat!
Had to get a typical shot with a phone booth at least once!

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