Sunday, December 27, 2015

More from the United Kingdom, and A Trip to Paris!

With my good friend Jess in the Catacombs of Paris

 Studying in England! And a quick Trip to Paris!

Since the end of the semester was near, and a friend was a in town we decided to take the Eurostar train from London to Paris. My friend Jess was here in England for a week, and she actually did a semester at HPU. Coincidentally that was were me met, so her visiting during my study abroad was really amazing. We visited various popular tourist sites in England, and Paris. These photos capture that week, as well as other amazing moments during the semester. The photos in my first post captured my first few weeks, this post is more post culture shock. In these, I think I have adapted fully to my surroundings, really enjoying my time here in England, and with my new friends!
-Sophia Suarez-
Teaching my friend Sam how to carve a pumpkin in time for Halloween. I realized during this time, that Halloween in England isn't as big as it is in the U.S. or let alone in Waikiki. Also costumes here are known as "fancy dress".

Another photo from a night out on campus. This occasion was a friend's birthday.
I had never seen blue Fanta before! Or known what "shotaka" flavor
was supposed to be, it tasted like grapefruit. One thing I've adjusted to 
is using the term "fizzy" for soda or pop, as well as the numerous 
flavors of Fanta available that are not in the U.S. 
After a day of shopping on the busy Oxford street. The streets were decorated for the holiday season.
An over the shoulder shot of the view from the iconic London Eye!
Standing in front of some of the amazing art in the Louvre.
Selfie in front of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral!
Another shot from inside the Catacombs
All laughs with some of my new "mates"! 
The Eiffel Tower lit up at night our first day in Paris!
Pictures don't do it justice!
Winter wonderland is a popular attraction in London. It is
filled with carnival rides, fair games, food booths as an ice
skating rink!

Overall, studying abroad not only has exposed me to a new culture but given me the opportunity to travel and make some really amazing friends. I know that I won't forget my time in England. One thing I really have appreciated was how welcoming everybody has been. It took time to really adapt to a different routine, but I think it has been well worth it! My next and final post will be the very end of my semester since I don't leave England until January 16th. So, the post will all about spending my holidays abroad.  The semester at University of Hertfordshire operates differently than at HPU, with a two week break for the holidays, and then a return for one week of classes and then another for final exams. It is definitely different than what I am used to, but it is all part of the experience!


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