Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fall in Love with Autumn

Autumn is already over yet I still have a hangover with it. I can't believe that I was able to experience Autumn (my first real Autumn) here in South Korea. It was really breathtaking to see the leaves changes from green to yellow, yellow to orange, then orange to red until it fully wither and fall on to the ground. I enjoyed walking and observing the scenery. I didn't went to different places that much but the scenery around the university is enough for me to feel amazed.

This image was taken on my way back to the dorm after I finished my class.

This is the view I saw when I looked down from the window of my room.

view from the other side of the lake

Pretty amazing isn't it? I hope that I will be able to see this when I get back to Hawaii.

Before the fall season comes to an end, me and my friends decided to go to Nami Island. According to other people, Nami Island is a good place to visit during fall or winter. I wouldn't stay here until winter so, I decided to go during fall. However, due to pushing the date until November, we were not able to see much interesting views. Still, we had fun and that's what matter the most. We took a lot of photos, walk around and act like a normal teenagers who like to have fun. I will let you see some photos that we took.

These are my friends who went to Nami Island with me.

Autumn is love

    After spending quite some time in Nami Island, we decided to eat lunch and went to Petite France. We took the bus, which made me feel sick, for 25 minutes. The Petite France was shown in some dramas like My Love from Another Star and variety shows like Running Man. Petite France is also one of the good place to visit, however, we didn't have enough time to go around the place. We decided to wrap up our little adventure after I took a picture with my little prince.

Hey! I finally found my Prince.

Fall will not be complete if you don't play with the withered leaves.

That's all for now. 

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