Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mi Vida en Chile.

Viva Chile. Mi Vida en Viña del Mar.

Hola. My name is Shalynn Marissa Murphy (most of you may know me by my preferred middle name Marissa) and for the Fall semester of 2015, I studied abroad in Viña del Mar, Chile. This blog will follow me on my four and a half month journey of studying abroad. I will write about the people I encountered, the culture of the Chileans, and my new perceptions of the world we all live in. I hope you enjoy!

Firstly, Why Chile?

Chile is an incredible and absolutely stunning country. Chile possesses the Andes Mountains to the East, The Pacific Coast to the West, the Atacama Desert to the North, and Patagonia to the South. This country basically has it all.

The two greatest reasons I wanted to study abroad were
  1. I wanted to meet new people who were different from me.
  2. I wanted to experience a new country and lifestyle that was foreign to my own.
Although, Spain would have been amazing I decided I wanted to experience a country that was still developing and under discovered in some ways. So, I chose South America, a continent filled with beauty and excitement that I do not believe everyone has the chance to experience.

There are more posts to come soon.

Also, if you are considering studying abroad in Chile and have any questions for me about the country, my experience, and so on feel free to email me at and I would love to share more with you!

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