Friday, May 9, 2014

Study, Study, Study!!

As finals are already underway back in Hawaii, the semester here in Australia is wrapping up as well and everyone is on edge because of finals. I previously posted in a blog entry about how the grading criteria out here is much more strict than it is back in the states. Fortunately having a small amount of classes lets me balance the work load. Also, I don't have a final for one class, and the other has an open book final! However just because I have these advantages does not mean that I am going to slack off. Even though the grades I will receive will be counted as Pass of No Pass, I'm still going to work hard to get the high marks!
 Z)  )/  ("Swerve") LOL
   /  \
Finals are not until the end of June so I've got some time before the tough gets going haha!

On a more positive not, (I guess), the weather is becoming a lot cooler. In this part of the world, Australia is entering into the middle winter, and yes...even though a few weeks ago it was like 100 degrees, it was still winter -__-. Now the days reach a high at about 80 degrees and during the evening and night about 66.

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