Friday, May 2, 2014

Learning in the Wild

I've had many labs at HPU where we go out into the field for research purposes, however I haven't really had the chance to have a "lecture" type class outside. In my Australian Landscape, Processes, and Evolution class we are learning about fluvial floodplain, streams, and the processes that form them and one day we had our entire lecture walking about a temporarily dry steam channel! Besides learning the science and history on the landscape, we got to take in and admire the wildlife and plant life. Haha the Kangaroos are always curious as to what people are doing! The birds out here are really different, however there are some of the same birds that you'd see flying around Hawaii as well. It was really nice walking around and listening to the different sounds of the forest and the subtle trickling of little waterfalls.
 There were many ponds of tadpoles throughout the stream. This would explain all the frogs you here during and after it has been raining.
 We had to be really careful walking on the rocks because they are not stuck to the ground. When the stream is flowing, small rock and boulder are transferred from the top of the mountains all the way down stream. Just prior to taking this picture, I apparently was stepping on a Brown Snake. When I looked down at my feet I didn't see it, but the girls in the front here said it went under the rock I was standing on...apparently I squished it.... 
 I was practically sitting on a giant boulder in the middle of the stream. It was so calm, and from my location I could view everything the professor was discussing.

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