Saturday, May 17, 2014

Castle Hill

One of my brothers and I's biggest activities is to hike. back in Hawaii we hike on almost every known path on the Oahu, even the most dangerous hikes. Here in Townsville the best place to hike is the historic and famous "Castle Hill."Castle Hill is both a heritage-listed isolated pink granite monolith standing in the heart of the north Queensland city of Townsville and a suburb of Townsville.

Castle Hill is the most distinctive natural landmark in the the townsville region. It is a stuning granite outcrop, the hills provides visitors with a great view of all of Townville's landmarks area, i.e. the strand (which I will disucss next time), Cleveland Bay, and even Magnetic Island. Ascending Castle Hill, both by track or via the road whic raps around it, is one of townsville must do activities fr tourits or new residence such as myself. The hills summits, lookouts and hiking trails are major attractions for everyone alike, not just local residence.

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