Friday, March 28, 2014

Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere and some Wildlife

I was so confused about the weather and seasons in the Southern Hemisphere even before I left! I though that because it was winter in the U.S. (Northern Hemisphere), it would be summer here down under...being that everything is the opposite haha! As this may be true, I was not totally 100% correct...we arrived at the very end of Australia's summer...IT'S STILL SO HOT THOUGH! Actually the seasons go as follows:
  1. Summer: December to February
  2. Autumn: March to May
  3. Winter: June to August
  4. Spring: September to November
So for the most part, I will have lived an extremely long "winter" hahaha! Northern Queensland has very much similar weather as Hawaii when this:

To stormy, cloudy, and gloomy within a few hours like this:
In this part of the world, we are prone to tropical cyclones, the equivalent to hurricanes in the U.S. Although they are really dangerous to be in, I enjoy the mean-looking clouds, the roaring thunder, and the heavy torrential rains. Like Katy Perry sings in "Firework," "...after a hurricane comes a rainbow..." a lot of wildlife comes out and you are surprised! Occasionally wallabies, wallaroos, and kangaroos frequent the campus, but yesterday, all of the students, including myself, were amazed at how many were out and about, hopping around!! I saw three wallabies foraging about in the grass minding their business haha!

The bugs I know most of us has seen the hit TV show, "Australia's Deadliest" and as I have not encountered any of those scenarios yet, I have run into my fare share of "creepy crawlies" like this really vibrant grasshopper :)  

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