Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bocas del Torro, Panama

Panama Here we Come !
This place is full of smiles, good vibes, and love. When approaching the bridge I was sure I was going to turn around because it was not in the best condition, but I made it over and from the first hello to the last goodbye I felt as though I was home. The locals were so welcoming and assisted me in speaking Spanish, even though most of them spoke English. It can be a bit frustrating for me when speaking English because my mind translates words into Spanish and when speaking Spanish I do not know all of the vocabulary needed, but the locals were more than helpful. Leaving was the hardest thing I have done thus far because I fell in love with the clear blue water and open skies. I spent a lot of time speaking to locals about how they felt about tourists, politics, and what they love most about Bocas. Hearing it from their mouths was very rewarding and I was able to see Bocas in a different light. They taught me to salsa, bachata, and meringue. They sure do know how to dance. . . I did not sit down at all. I was able to spend time at Red Frog National Park and Starfish Beach, as well as go dolphin watching while I was there.  I was placed on a bike while someone rode me around. It was terrifying, but an experience to remember.  Going back is a must. I have met so many people and it reminded me a lot of the Hawaiian culture. I was invited in for food and met families. I do not look forward to crossing that bridge again, but what is on the other side is well worth it.
Boat ride with one of my favorite people. I do not like being in little boats because of the fear that it will tip over, but she kept me smiling the whole way. . . .  I can truly say it felt great feeling the wind through my hair and enjoying the moonlight. (On our way to Bocas Del Torro, Panama)

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