Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monte Verde y Arenal

While traveling to Monte Verde my once heavy heart began to smile. My first few weeks were spend getting acclimated and I was not completely happy with my choice, but the moment I arrived on the country side my heart sang a never ending tune. I was surrounded by mountains and acres of land with horses and cows. Life was simple and I felt free. In Monte Verde and Arenal I had the pleasure of going zip lining for the first time as well as visiting Baldi Hot Springs. The hot springs were amazing. There were many waterfalls and a water slide, which I did not use, but I heard it was fun. I am not a water slide kind of girl. The bar in the water and largest waterfall caught my eye. Everything was nicely lit and dinner afterwards made it so much better. The buffet was full of a variety of food and all sweets my little heart desired. I was even treated to the most delicious cookie ice cream that I have ever had while out and about. The next day we were off to a waterfall at La Fortuna, which was a nice hike and beautiful. Swimming was a no go because I prefer for my hair not to look like a teased cotton ball, but the view was indescribable. Zip lining was interesting. We zip lined on the longest line in Latin America. I was not sure how I felt about going at first, but as soon as it was my turn to zip I was more than eager to go. The Tarzan Swing was another story. I was nowhere near prepared to take the plunge off of a platform. My arms and legs shook all the way across the bridge and while they hooked my up. My last words to friends were, “I said I was going to do this, so I have to do this,” and I did (with a little help). I was not going to jump. My body was not happy with the situation, but after a little push and my heart dropping I was just fine. The first drop was the worse.

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