Saturday, September 5, 2015

Carpe Diem

August 30th, 2015
We both, Amber Hannah and I were anxiously awaiting to board the small aircraft to Morocco where we would finally seize the day, or well the semester in our case!!! We were both gleaming with nervousness and a tad bit of  sleep deprivation. I removed the extra sleep from  the corners of my eyes, and began to sip on my coffee sitting in a small cafe in the Paris Charlles de Gaulle airport. Macaroons in hand since we were of course in Paris. I was surprised by the next words coming from within Amber Hannah's mouth when i had shown her that white pastry bag . "I have never had a macaroon before",,,she uttered ever so slightly and meekly as to refrain herself from embarrassment or so it seemed to me. I did burst out however, which she was probably convinced i would. " What" i  had exclaimed "well then today is the day", as i showed her the white bag containing four macaroons. "two for you and two for me" i said,,, "any two you would like to have are yours." She bit into the sugary treat and was quite surprised my the texture and taste of the raspberry macaroon. she didn't expect the macaroon to have a cake like texture she  said. Within seven minutes the delicious macaroons would be finished even though we tried really hard to savior those incredible handcrafted pastries, they inevitably were disappeared within sight, and that would begin the start to our new adventure abroad, we were beginning to embark on.

W finally arrived Yayy!!!  Spent months in advance planning everything and now we are finally here...i only have one thing to say....Cheee Hoooo!!!!:D

September 1st-4th
Some memories i have made thus far: I have tried some street pizza for 1.5$, had some incredible mint tea, tried to learn french by staring at  lady and hoping i would understand her! Went to a hamom, drove with a Moroccan women....i almost died phew i was scared:D Try new amazing cuisines, met new friends, and most of all i am learning Darija, brushing up on my Spanish and have English under my belt...i say three languages are good....however the Moroccans have me beat...most of them speak at least four languages...its very impressive!  .

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