Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bond University

          Bond University is a very nice and private campus. It is not far away from my house. I just need to take bus 750 and it took me around 7 minutes to arrive to Bond University.
            I love Bond because it is very unique and diversity. You can meet people all around the world come here to exchange. Mostly they are come from Japan and China. The classroom is very small; it is around 10 to 15 people per class. I think it is easier for the professor get to know each student. Bond University is very different to our Hawaii Pacific University because their courses divide into lecture section and tutorial section. For the lecture, it is only one a week and it lengths for 2 hours. Tutorial is one a week, too but it is only for 1 hour. 

            The students here are very friendly, they help you when you need and show you the way when you get lost. The professors are super nice, they always help you with your assignment and clearly explained things you need to do for your essay. Whenever you don’t understand, just raise your hand and ask, they will stop the lecture and explain to you again. When I’m at Bond, I always feel confident, secure and comfortable.
            For the student clubs, my favorite one is BUSA, which stands for Bond University Student Association. BUSA organizes a lot of fun activities for students like free BBQ every Wednesday by the pool, so student can enjoy their BBQ, listen to music and swim in the water. BUSA also helps students with the transportations like selling second hand bike to us. I luckily get one on Friday for just $40.  
            Moreover, at Bond, they also have a big gym center, so students can come here and exercise. They also provide free yoga, aerobics, and boxing classes for student everyday. It is kind of cool and flexible because students can come whenever they want to. Gym Center is my favorite place because whenever I have stress in studying, I come here to relax.
            Besides that, Library at Bond is very useful. You can find a lot of resources relate to your course here. The library also opens 24 hours a day so it is very easy for students who want to come here and studying. At Bond, students have to put money into the ID card in order to print or copy. It is very different than our school in Hawaii.


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