Saturday, August 29, 2015

Getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime:D

Hi Everyone,
My name is Carina Lara and i will be studying abroad in Rabat, Morocco! My focus will be in the field of  Migration and transnational identities within Morocco's  highly diverse area. With this said I look forward to living in Morocco for a semester and making memories that will last a  lifetime!
My video: Shows my excitement when i  had finally found the perfect walking shoes to travel to Morocco in:D
 I searched and searched  for the perfect walking shoes...I tried them all....Chacos: couldn't understand how to get them to fit me well, Tevas....great but too expensive... then i had come across a pair of...Dr. Scholls cushioned sandals...and my feet immediately  were in heaven! Oh and guess what... they were on sale...yayyy!!!Now with my perfect walking shoes that just happen to be great for all types of Terrain whoop whoop!!!!I know  for certain i am ready to walk, climb, and jump all over Morocco:D

I fly tomorrow to Morocco and thought this song was perfect!
On the Road to Morocco: Bing Crosby


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