Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Housing Situation:

SKKU offers three different housing options for international students in Seoul: 
The I-House 
Migaon Ville 
Koart Ville 

Each of them have there advantages and disadvantages: 

The I-House 
+closest to our campus--only 5 minutes away 
+no active curfew, because the code lets you in at all times 
+ping pong table in lobby 
-the kitchen is large, but pretty dirty and smelly, so I personally never cook there 
-the rooms are smaller than in the other dorms 
-the air-conditioning doesn't seem to work in some rooms 
-the heating system will only be turned on in November, so the rooms that don't get much sunlight are VERY cold in November 

+it's not as close as I-House, but also walking distance 
+students will share whole appartments with their own fridges and kitchen. The appartments can be huge and really nice! 
-there is a curfew, and only the guys have figured out a trick to open their door. Girls will either have to be back by 12 or come home after 5 in the morning 

Koart Ville 
+some of the rooms are bigger and much nicer than the ones in I-House. There are also fridges in the room. 
+the kitchen is nice and many students cook there, so it's a nice place to mingle 
+the are around koartville is great for shopping and there is a nice river that's perfect to go for a jog... 
-it's quite far away, 2 subway stations. Students will need about 30 min to get to school and off course its more expensive to always use the subway (SKKU will pay some of the money back if you apply for it) 
-there is also an active curfew (code not given to students), but you can open the door from inside (so you can always call a friend who stayed in) 

I live in I-House and I am personally very happy that I live in the dorm closest to campus. It saves me a lot of time. To be honest, the housing is nothing special, but certainly convenient and nice to meet many other students from all over the world. In the I-house we have one large kitchen, a ping pong table, a few computers, couches etc. The rooms are small and are always shared by two students. SKKU is very strict about separating genders, therefore each men and women have their rooms on separated floors. Bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, and covers are there already. However, the pillow wasn’t very comfortable, so I bought a new one with a cute pillow case. 

Even though the housing management officially says that there is a random lottery system for the rooms, we have a different theory. It seems as if not two people from the same country share the room, but nonetheless, all students from Europe have a roommate from another European country, while all students from Asia seem to be paired with other students from Asia. But as I said, this is just our theory!

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