Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Arrival in Korea…first impressions!

The Flight: 

My flight with Emirates was nice, but long. I flew from Frankfurt, stopped for a few hours in Dubai, and then took the plane to Incheon. Nonetheless, I recommend Emirates! The service was fantastic and the plane’s equipment was great. Besides 100s of channels for music, tv, movies, games etc., I thought it was really nice that the ceiling of the corridor was covered with little “star-sky” light when the normal lights were dimmed. In comparison to my previous experiences flying with American Airlines, United, Lufthansa, British Airways etc., this flight was much better in service and equipment. So if you fly to Korea, don’t hesitate to chose good airlines, like Asiana, Korean Air, or Emirates. In my case they were even among the cheapest airlines to fly to Incheon airport. 


First impression at Incheon Airport? Live Opera… 

amazing! From the moment I landed, I couldn’t stop smiling… It felt so great and very exciting to be in this foreign country at the other end of the Eurasian continent. 

To be honest, until the moment I actually landed I was pretty critical, probably because I was nervous. I was scared that Korea would not be for me and I was afraid that this whole trip would be a mistake. But when the pick up service drove me through those tiny, little streets to bring me to my University I was excited as if it was Christmas. I have never seen a city that’s so full of life. The streets were narrow, but alongside the road were uncountable little stores, lights, and people. In fact, not only the first story of every house was “filled” with busines, but the stores and cafés were also in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th story of most buildings. Driving through this specific area, I told the friendly pick-up service driver that I definitely want to visit this great area. But little did I know, the next turn brought us up a quieter road and a minute later we stopped in front of the International Housing building (I-House). You can imagine how excited I was to find out that I would live and study right in this exciting neighborhood.

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