Tuesday, November 5, 2013

About School…

SungKyunKwan University

About School…
I was really happy to be in the I-House for mainly one reason: It’s so close to campus. This means: less time and money for subway/bus/walking. I literally just need to step out of the door, walk a few meters down the street and one of SKKU’s smaller gate brings me straight onto campus. It takes maybe 5 minutes to get to the first building. From there, however, there are many more buildings up the hill, which is pretty steep. To get to the Law school building it could therefore take a little longer. But I personally like moving a bit, especially after sitting in class for a few hours!
 Beautiful, old walls surround the campus. Entering the campus area is particularly exciting: right behind the main gate is the historic campus, which is still well maintained. I believe that the buildings had to be reconstructed, but they still give us an idea how the Sungkyunkwan University from the 14th century might have looked like.

I walk this way to get to my classes everyday. The campus is absolutely beautiful…!

Walking up the hill brings you to the huge and modern buildings. On the campus you can find so many things, from cafés and several cafeterias to a post office, a hair salon, and internal bank branch. 

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