Monday, November 4, 2013


Soccer is life here in Europe. Getting affordable tickets to watch good teams play is nearly impossible. Many soccer stadiums in England are much smaller than sports venues in the USA and most teams have a die hard following that buys up every ticket within a couple days of release. One can try a website like StubHub, but the prices tend to soar as individual tickets can cost upwards of $150. 

After struggling to find tickets for the first 2 months in London, my friends and I were finally able to secure tickets to see one of the best teams in London, Tottenham, play at home vs Hull City. 

The Tottenham Hotspur play about 12 miles away from my dorm room in central London. After a quick tube ride and a 25 minute walk, we made it to White Hart Lane just after kick off. The atmosphere was incredible, unlike anything I have seen in the USA. The whole stadium seemed to live and die with every kick of the ball. The entire stadium would join in in chants and songs, and when a goal was scored all 36,000 people in the sold out stadium went crazy. The game was tied at one, at the end of regulation so there was overtime. After each team scored one goal in overtime, the game went into penalty kicks where the Spurs ultimately won 9-8. 

All in all, it was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone traveling through London. Had I made a trip to White Hart Lane as a kid before Fenway Park, I probably would have played soccer at HPU rather than baseball. 

First view of White Hart Lane.

Corner kick.

We had decent seats for PK's.

Goal Spurs.

On the way back to my seat at halftime. 

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