Friday, July 15, 2016

My Trip(s) to Emart~

  Hi it's me, Winny again! :) I went to Emart a few times in the past 2 weeks that I was here in Korea. I will be in Korea for 2 more weeks. Here are the photos that I took while inside and some of the things that I bought. There is almost everything here, ranging from groceries, to home supplies, and snacks. Some people say that this would be kind of like a Korean version of Walmart. Anyways, I find this place really cool. It is located in the basement area of Lotte Department Store. I also saw a movie theater in the 1st floor that I will go there one day within the next 2 weeks. Plus, it took a while, but I finally understand how Korean Won works here in Korea. If say the item I wanted to buy is 2,500 won. Then it would be two 1,000 won, and one 500 coin. I'd like to summarize it as more of a after the comma, the last 3 digits would be the cents. However, if you are getting something expensive, then I think the last 3 digits after the comma would also be the coins.

I thought this was so cool! It's a UV Ray that sterilizes cups.

Water machine

Water inside the eating area of Emart~




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