Friday, July 15, 2016

My 1st official day here in Korea~

  Winny here! :) Today would be my first day in Korea, Sunday, July 3, 2016, I woke up early today at around 5am Korean Time, but I checked the time, and it was around 10am (Saturday) in Hawaii :). So, technically I did not wake up early at all, haha. Then I went out of my dorms to go out to get breakfast. Here are the following photos I took on my way out of the dorms. Anyways, I remember that there was an Emart nearby, so I wanted to go there to get breakfast, but I couldn't find it, until I found a 7-11 nearby, and then I asked if he spoke English, the cashier person said he did a little, thank goodness! :) I was so happy at that moment~ but because I asked at around 8am, he told me that Emart does not open until 10am.

  Anyways, I got some food at 7-11 and took some pictures. Then I went over to Paris Baguette to get some bread too. Then I came back to my dorms, had breakfast, and unpacked some more. Finally at 10am, I went back out to go to Emart to purchase some things. I was looking for a travel adapter, but wasn't able to find it. Turns out it was in the "Digital World" section the whole time. But that is not where I got my travel adapter. I got mine, the next day over at GS25 convenience store across the dorms.

From 7-11

From 7-11

Travel Adapter

Look at this, this was one of the issues I encountered. This is why I should always prepare to get the adapter before I leave the country.

But, because of my friend, she helped me. This is what the adapter is supposed to look like in order for it to work.

  Speaking of travel adapters, I got mine at GS25, and opened it, but it was stuck. At first I thought that it was too short, but then later turns out I had to twist it to make it longer. But I could not get it to twist to be longer. Later, I remembered one of my classmates was also from the USA, so I asked her if she got her adapter yet, and she did. She also got it in GS25. But a different GS25. And this also happened to her, where the adapter got stuck, and wouldn't twist open. Then finally the next day we went over to the GS25, where we went and asked for pliers, to get my adapater to twist open. I was really really happy and thankful that she helped me. Because before that I wasn't able to charge my laptop, so I was not able to post blogs and in general, I missed using my laptop. The whole process took a while, and so it wasn't until my 4th day here that I was finally able to use my laptop:).

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