Friday, July 15, 2016

My One Night stay at a Traditional Korean House (2-day Field Trip)

  It was an interesting experience, I see why people like these traditional houses now. However, I personally still prefer a bed, like the one I have back in Hawaii. It was a 2-day, 1-night trip, from July 7 to July 8. We ate lunch, walked around a bit, then we went to do the water sports. The water sports was actually really fun, all we did was sat on the floatie, and the floatie was attached to the boat that went extremely fast. Then we went to a convenience store, stayed at a traditional Korean house, ate dinner, made our own potato pizza for a late night snack, and played games until 11pm. Then the next day, we ate breakfast at the house at 8:30am, went to the Garden of Morning Calm, and then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch.
Restaurant where we went to eat lunch~


Place where the water sports took place :)

We took turns riding on these 2 floaties, and it was really fun! The green one can fit 6 people, and the orange one can fit 8 people.

We have to take these out of the closet, and lay it out on the floor. These were our mattresses and blankets (comforters).

The entrance to the bathroom

Restaurant where we had dinner


There was fish, but I did not feel like eating fish at that time. Therefore this was what I ate, and then later I got more of those fried tofu. I like the tofu best! :)

These are stairs


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