Monday, May 30, 2016

Take her to see the beautiful world

This trip was my third time to take her to travel around different country.My mommy came to visit us in Australia when we took a long break last time. Before that, I want to share the little story, why the happening became truth. One day, I face time with my family to chat with them. We said, we will have a long time and we are planning to travel to another city, then next minute, my sister said, take your mommy to go.” Then my mommy said, “YES”.The answer, "YES"  is writing our story about the seven days six night travel in Brisbane to Sydney.

Welcome to Brisbane!!!!I was so proud of my mommy, she took the airplane to visit us by herself. Because usually someone would stay with her to take the airplane and in addition, she can’t speak English so that why our family was so worried about her that period when she was flying alone .Although my mommy got a little trouble when she entered to Australia, it was not a big problem to affect our mood. I just gave my mommy a hug and took her hand, let her feel reassured that I am in her side. Everything will be fine, even it is wrong.We went to many places to visit and did lots of activities, but the most important thing was we are together. Thank you mommy to come here for visiting. Thank you be a young girl to travel with us. Thank you stay with us. Thank you for everything. I love my family.

If you only visit the city of Sydney, I recommend you to take the bus or walk better that rental car around the city that will be more convenience for you. Also, you are looking for the attractions that you can consult the city pass.  

Thank you for reading

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