Monday, May 30, 2016

Exchange Student in Griffith University

Be an Exchange Student

I chose Griffith University for studying abroad in Australia and it was one of best dedication in my college life. It was bring different experiences to me between HPU and GU in education. I want to share my school life with you.

During in this semester, I like Griffith University provided many convenient services and equipment in technicality to students for using in the campus and classes, and the international office also provided professional service to international students and exchange students for asking the question on information.

It was my first day to arrival in Brisbane. When I walked out to the exit, I saw the Griffith University’s officers were waiting for us for on time. The university had a special car would take you to your living place in safely. I recommended the service of airport transfer to our students for study abroad and the important thing is the service is free to exchange students.

The service center of Griffith University in the airport

Orientation Day – I walked into the campus, I can feel the people, music and food around with me. It had many booths to introduce about the school and student life. I got more ideas to understand the environment of University. I enjoyed the day.

The meet and greet event– all the exchange students who from different countries or students who prepare to study abroad. We meet together to recognize each other. We ate the food, drank the beverage, chatted with other people and played the bingo game. I had a good time to make new friends in the party.

I like lunch trunk because I can taste different food on lunch. We showed out our student ID that we can get discount for any food and free water. Is not a good deal for students? We can enjoy the food, at the same time, enjoyed someone was playing the guitar for performance in the corner.

How big is it!!!!
I felt cool when I walked in the class in first time. I discovered usually students would bring in their laptop to the class. Because the professors usually put all the information as PowerPoint, videos, class note, and assignment on the school website. In addition, it has an advantage on lecture would record the professor voice to provide students can listen it again on courses platform. You can easy catch it if you miss any part in the class.


It is helping you to understand more the content in the course and it easy to share your idea with your classmate in a small group.

                                                       Thank you for your reading!!!

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