Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Australia, Brisbane, SHUO-TING HSU

Hello everyone, I am Shuo-Ting Hsu go by Sophia. I come to Australia to study abroad in spring semester in 2016. I study in Griffith University Nathan campus in Brisbane. The school has many campus located on different places. If you choice Griffith University you should think about what is campus you want to stay and what is your major is because different campus provide different majors . Griffith University has Gold Coast campus, Logan campus, Mt Gravatt campus, Nathan campus and South Bank campus. Such as South Bank campus provide art class and music and like Gold Coast campus and Nathan campus distance 2 hours by car. Next I want to introduction to everyone is “go card”. In Queensland, when you want to take bus and train you can use go card or pay cash. In here, when you pay cash, the driver can give change to you. When you get go card you should login your information on TransLink Website and you can login and see you schedule and if charge unfair you can write a letter to the company and they would refund to you. But if today, you go Sydney would use different card is call “Opal card”. In Sydney use different company so should be careful which city you want to go. Thank you for your reading.
opal card us in NSW

Adult                                                         Child

Image of blue adult go card                                Image of orange child go card
15 years and over                                               5 - 14 years old (inclusive)
Expires 10 years after day of issue                     Expires on the child's 15th birthday

Senior                                                      Concession
Image of dark red senior go card                           Image of bright green concession go card
Current Australian Senior Card holders                 Full-time secondary and tertiary students,
Choose a Senior go card or Seniors Card +go         pensioners, veterans

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