Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MUIC Orientation Day

Thailand: December 29, 2016

Mahidol University International College Orientation Day Wrap Up

The sun seems to be the alarm here. I set an alarm, but the sun beats it always... so far. I've been here for three days and each day I have been woken up by the sun.

Today we have orientation. Had to be outside of the dorm by 8:00 am. Still haven't gotten used to the time difference! Bangkok is 17 hours ahead in comparison to Hawaii! SO CRAZY!

Once we got to the university, there was the international college building. Just one building for all the international students, which makes it easier for us because classes are near each other and there is only about a 5-10 minute time gap between classes, if they are scheduled back to back.

The university itself is HUGE! There are so many buildings on campus, one for each program of study, family marts, 711, coffee shops, gyms, and so much more! We walked part of the campus and it was probably less than half a mile and oh boy, the distance felt so far and the heat was incredible. If you think it's hot in Hawaii, Thailand's heat is a bit worse, it's humid and sometimes there is no wind, so it gets very sticky and humid. There are more than 100+ visiting and exchange students here at Mahidol University International College (MUIC) this trimester, and from those that I have met, they are all very nice. This term abroad will be quite interesting!

Also at orientation, we learned a couple of basic Thai words and it was helpful in terms of an introduction to the language, but the tones are so stressful! There are five tones and personally I only heard two. The uniforms we need to wear are very basic, but I haven't worn a uniform since grade school so it was a bit weird, but totally doable.

For lunch, we had a buffet! The food was good, but I didn't get to try the Pad Thai and that was a bit upsetting, but I know there will be more opportunities to try it. Today, I also went to Central Plaza- a mall in Bangkok and it was huge! The mall is 4 stories and completely indoors. Its presentation is very western and I wasn't expecting to see so many American things but there is a McDonalds, Starbucks, and KFC- so that is a bit close to home. I also got to taste my first Pad Thai in Thailand, and it was nothing like the Pad Thai from Fort Street. It was lighter and a bit more chewy. On the way back from Central Plaza, we (Sophia, Rina- student from Japan, and I) were afraid we were going to get lost because the taxi driver was headed towards Bangkok and Chaiyapruk International House was in Salaya. Thankfully, Rina spoke a bit of Thai and was able to communicate with the taxi driver and we arrived safely at the dorm.

Looking forward to all the clubs that the university offers and getting to meet my grandmother! Instruction starts on January 4th, so I have a little bit of time to explore and get used to some things until then.


In front of the International College building! One of the MANY buildings on campus.
Aloha from MUIC \m/ Sawasdee ka!

A glance of some of the food we had for lunch. 

Sophia and I in our uniform. Alongside the white top and black skirt, there is also a belt, pin, and shoes that go with it.

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