Thursday, April 21, 2016

Guess This is Goodbye: Final Month in Review

Hi there! It's been a great time sharing with you...

If you haven't notice, well this is my final month abroad in Thailand. I know right! That fast...maybe it's because this was a trimester instead of a semester (555 - that's a Thai slang for haha). Now before I get all emotional and start drowning myself in tears, let's just look at the bright side and smile that it happened. 

Trip to Myanmar, Yangon (03/17-20/16)

Mingalaba! from the Shwedagon Pagoda
One of the best things I got to do while abroad was traveling to another country. I have to admit but this one I didn't really plan nor thought that I would be going to another place besides Thailand. "Yup, expect the unexpected." It was a requirement for our Visa, meaning that either we pay an amount to renew our stay or go out of the country and then come back. I chose ADVENTURE! Just another perfect opportunity to expand my global views of the world and it sure was worth it.  

My Japanese friend Rina who took two trimester in Mahidol and is one of the residents in Chaiyapruk International House was my travel buddy. We had a three day trip to Myanmar, a country that borders the Northwest of Thailand. I have no idea why Myanmar but what I do know was that I wanted to go to places that I have never heard of and Myanmar was one. My friend and I stayed at the City Star Hotel that cost us about 176, 452.50 kyat which is only 150 US dollars for three nights. Not bad compared to other countries. 

Myanmar is a whole other story that I would probably have to write a novel since it totally defeated my expectation of what it will be. I went there thinking that it will just be like Thailand but boy was I wrong. I was mind blown by the people and simply everything. If you happen to go there you will mostly encounter locals who speaks multiple languages and are very fluent. To name a few: English, Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Spanish...etc. Funny thing is, I always mistaken saying thank you or hello in Thai to Burmese people. 
taking a break from our tour (our taxi driver on the left, Me in the middle & Rina on the right)

Rina paying her respect (a mini version of the Golden Rock)
We ended up visiting so many beautiful and breathtaking places. My personal favorite was the Golden Rock in Kyaiktiyo. To get there we had to take a 2 to 3hr taxi ride early morning and then a 45min truck ride up the mountain. Although it was a disappointment when we got there because the Golden Rock was under construction, the trip up the mountain was amazing. It was like a roller coaster ride that I could feel my stomach twist and turn as the truck continues to ascend to the top. In short, we had a wonderful time learning a new culture, trying their delicious food and getting a glimpse of the lifestyle in Myanmar. If I knew more, I would have definitely travel to more countries and I hope you will take this into consideration. Once you are there, the possibility of going to other places is very possible. 

The Reclining Buddha at Bago, Myanmar

Entrance to the Shwedagon Pagoda

Just another busy day in Yangon, Myanmar

MUIC Farewell Party for Exchange and Visiting Student (03/22/16)

Chaiyaprukers and Phoenix (Nithiphat) taking our last farewell photo

I already made up my mind that I will not be joining the farewell party since exams were around the corner. On top of that, I was not ready for any goodbyes. With much persuasion, I reluctantly gave in to the pressure from my friends. I'm glad I went though because it turned out to be my luckiest night. Normally I don't win anything but that night was a night to remember. I won some cool prizes and ate lots of food as well as playing some entertaining games. We all enjoyed spending our last night together and sadly have to say our farewells as we part ways. When this time comes, you would definitely need to make sure you bring along some tissues. 

Happy Holi from Jane and I! (03/27/16)

meet my ajuma Jane 555
While things were slowly winding down, my friend Jane took me to celebrate Holi (a Hindu Spring festival) in Bangkok. This is a must go event if you are taking a semester in Spring. There was music, bubbles, colors, water, food and the entrance fee was free. It was the best times of our lives, and what was more rewarding was meeting one of my favorite Indian actor. We stayed there for almost five hours or more because every time we told ourselves that this will be our last song before going home, yet, we always ended up postponing our decision. The last song becomes two more, three more, four more, and later on it was not until the event was officially over. It sure was fun and memorable to immerse ourselves in the Indian community. Khop Khun na Kha to my friend Jane, I got to experience the Holi festival since I will be missing out on the celebration of the Songkran (Thai New Year) and I hope you don't miss out on that one too. 
this is us when we were looking clean before the party started
...and then here we are

I did a great job of making sure I don't count the days I have left in Thailand. As months become weeks and weeks become days, there was no escaping the fact that I'll be leaving soon. I guess this is the part we say goodbye, but for now I'll just stick with...Until Next Time!


  1. Thank you so much:) Thank you for choosing to stayed and hung out with us. Once in a life time and we sure hope to have many more together in the future. It is sad but I am happy that it happened.

    1. Me too...I hope I'll come visit you guys again. It sure is the people you meet that makes the place feel more like home. I am happy too that it happened :)