Thursday, April 21, 2016

Feeling Small

I feel very small, as a person, whenever I travel to another country. Granted, I've only been to 6 countries but I still have the sense of being a world traveler. Feeling small isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually quite liberating. I realize how little impact I have on this world and how insignificant I am but at the same time, I was there in Morocco with this family and I knew that after my time there was up, I was going to have some sort of impact on these people who offered to share their home with me. We bonded so well and created pretty solid relationships. I learned so much from them and I hope that I have something special enough to offer them in return.
I went away for an entire weekend to another city about 2 hours from Rabat and when I got home, my brother told me that my whole family missed me so much over the weekend and they were glad I was finally home. I became the 6th member of a family of 5 and compared to the entire world, that’s not very many people. Just the fact that my absence made a difference to them helps me realize that no matter how small and truly insignificant I am, I’m also such a big part of these people’s lives as they are in mine. It’s okay to feel small and to recognize it.
I knew that leaving Morocco after 4 months was going to be one of the harder things in my life and I was oddly okay with that. I’ve always heard that people should stop trying to make sadness a beautiful thing but when you realize all the things you have in your life, it really is beautiful to have something important enough to be so sad about.

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