Friday, June 2, 2017


If you are going to study abroad and are in a relationship, make sure to talk to your partner about the experience.  It seems most every person I have talked to admitted they had a significant other back home, but their relationship status was “on hold,” or they were “on a break,” or able to see other people while away.  Many of those individuals were very actively looking to “meet” other people while here.  I think these misnomers were more so they could feel less guilty about their actions, or as a coping mechanism for them to feel they aren’t “cheating” on their partners back home.

While it is not my place to “judge” them, it always made me feel very uncomfortable and bad for the individuals they left at home.  Maybe because of my age, I’m less interested in sleeping around and desire a more stable relationship.  Granted, many people like to joke with me that “while the cats away….” and who knows, maybe their partner was playing the field for themselves back home too.  Maybe their relationship IS stable enough for one another to do these types of open relationships without fear of ruining what they already have.

If you are one of these people who desires the freedom to play without the guilt, make sure you talk to your partner and be honest with them about your intentions.  Karma has a funny way of catching up to some of those who seek to deceive their partners (think STD’S), which could be difficult to rationally explain once karma has you.

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