Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Ease of Traveling

Two weeks ago, I completed my study abroad semester at Regent's University in central London, U.K.  Prior to moving to England, I knew that I would have opportunities to travel beyond the United Kingdom... I did not realize, however, the total ease of traveling can be once you're in the E.U. (well, maybe, not for long... #brexit).

Travel in Europe just... makes sense.  You can take a round trip coach bus trip from London to Amsterdam, Netherlands for a weekend for only $40.  You can take a round-trip flight to Stockholm, Sweden from London for $24.  You can stay in an Airbnb for as little as $20/night (in Glasgow, Scotland, or Milan, Italy). Or, if you're keen on meeting fellow travelers, stay in a hostel for $15/night.   It is really convenient that there are so many options to get from point A to point B, and you're not restricted to traveling any certain way - you can travel the way you're most comfortable. Just bring your visa (if applicable), proof of study documents (acceptance letter, housing information), and where you’ll be staying while traveling out of your host country. I was asked for this information while going through customs and immigration!

It may have been a bit more convenient for myself as I was using London as my 'headquarters,' but nonetheless, there is so much out there for you to see - and this was my favorite part of studying in Europe.  Although my trips were short, I know I have a better understanding of culture, humanity, and history of the remarkable cities I was fortunate enough to visit.

Including day trips and weekend trips, I was able to visit:

·      London, England, United Kingdom
·      Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
·      Bath, England, United Kingdom
·      Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
·      Brighton, England, United Kingdom
·      Amsterdam, Netherlands
·      Paris, France
·      Milan, Italy
·      Stockholm, Sweden

Here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken while studying abroad:
** Photo quality is much better than it appears on this blog! **

Paris, France

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Brighton, England

Cambridge, England


Above Duomo Cathedral | Milan, Italy

Stockholm, Sweden

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