Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Travel Frenzy, More Than I Could've Imagined

Ciao Everyone!
I just finished my last trip while in Europe! This weekend I had a friend visiting me from Hawaii and we decided to take a trip to Rome. All I can say is that I left a part of my heart in Rome… It was absolutely beautiful beyond words. We had a blast there even though we only had two days to see the entire city. All my trips this semester abroad have exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be any happier! Including my trip to Rome, I have now been to 10 countries and roughly 30 destinations within those countries! I’ve been to:
-Italy: Milan, Genoa, Verona, Salerno, Sorrento, Naples, Vico Equense, Positano, Capri, Pompeii, Rome, Lake Como
-Croatia: Zadar, Krka National Park
-Germany: Munich (twice)
-France: Nice, Anitbes, Cannes, Villefranche, Paris, Disneyland Paris (barely in Paris)
-Switzerland: Zurich
-England: London
-Ireland: Dublin, Cliffs of Moher
-Monaco && Vatican City (both very tiny countries): Monte Carlo…The Vatican City
-Belgium: Brussels
-Spain: Barcelona, Montserrat
I managed to see everything I wanted to and more within the short four months of my stay here in Italy and stay on top of my school work too. I was surprisingly easy to travel to almost every part of Europe from Milan. With three airports that are easily accessible, I was able to do all my traveling. It wasn’t too expensive either (about to blow your mind)…I was able to get a roundtrip ticket for a weekend from Milan to Brussels for 16 Euros! Isn’t that crazy! I made sure to make the best of my short time abroad and I can confidently say I’ve have an amazing experience and I’m sad it’s coming to an end! I will be leaving Italy very shortly and I’ll write another post about my experience leaving the country and life I’ve been living for the last four months of my life.
Until then,

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