Wednesday, December 21, 2016

South Korea: Cat Cafe

Now, if you don’t know me as much, you should know that I am an ultimate cat lover. Yes… I am a crazy, cat lady. So when I found out that there were cat cafés in South Korea, I went absolutely NUTS! Turns out that South Korea is also obsessed with cats… and that makes me happy.   Not only does South Korea have cat cafés, they also have A TON stores and boutiques that sell cat bags, cat cases, cat key chains, cat socks, and many other cat stuff. 

Not gonna lie, finding these cat cafés were pretty difficult. They’ll be hidden in the nook and crannies of alleyways, and they’re mostly found upstairs. So word of advice, look up when walking around streets of Seoul. Most buildings have multiple shops, restaurants, cafes, and other services upstairs on different floors.
After visiting a couple cat cafés throughout Seoul, my favorite one is located in Myeongdong. But then I also realized that there are a few other cat cafés alsolocated throughout Myeongdong, but my go-to cat café is called Cat Playground. My mama bear and I found it while we were strolling around Myeongdong. How did we find it, you ask? We saw a local dressed in a cat costume passing out flyers. The dude was even nice enough to lead us there. And
after finding it, we first had to remove our shoes and wear the slippers they provided. Admission is 10,000 KRW for each person and with the entrance fee, it comes with a free drink (yaaay!).
My mama bear and I probably spent more than an hour at the café, but it was totally worth it! There were more than 20 cats and I got to pet almost all of them, including the bald cats. Ugh… touching them felt so weird! I eventually returned for a second time when my good friend and coworker, “Mama Olives,” visited South Korea for a few days. Once I introduced her to the cat café, she hard time leaving. Hell… it was hard for me, too! I get easily attached to animals, and the cats that we met there were sooo friendly and playful!

At the same time, visiting these cat cafes made me miss my three, furry babies back home. It’s been a tough 4 months surviving without my cats… but on the bright side, it’s given me a break from having to constantly use the lint roller to remove the fur from my clothes. 
If you’re a cat lover (like me), you should definitely check out the cat cafés here in South Korea. I promise you’ll love it!
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