Thursday, August 18, 2016

What I Did at Bond

Hi all!

Jake here. My semestre in Australia is almost over. It’s very bittersweet for me. I’m looking forward to coming back home to Hawai’i, but I will definitely miss my friends here in the Gold Coast. Anyways, here’s some of my favourite things I’ve done since the beginning of the semestre.
Close to the middle of the semestre, I attended Med Ball, which is a formal dinner organised by the medical students at Bond. This was pretty much like a prom for me. This event is targeted to the med students, but a lot of people that are not med students, like me, attended as well. When I was walking around the event hall, I ran into my friends from my photography class and danced with them for a while, though I spent most of the night with my med friends that invited me to the ball.
Another thing I enjoyed was watching the State of Origin. Origin is where the best rugby players of Queensland (Maroons) go up against the best players in New South Wales (Blues). It’s kind of like the Pro Bowl of Australian Rugby. Since I live in Queensland, I didn’t really have much on a choice for a team to who to root for. However, I’m not upset about it because the Maroons won the whole thing. I really enjoyed learning rugby by watching this event.
The most recent event I attended was the Res Dinner, which is a free dinner for on-campus residents. Since, the Olympic opening ceremony was the weekend directly after this dinner the theme was based on Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic Games. That night we also gave out superlatives to residents based on the votes of the attendees. I was hoping to get the favourite study abroad student award, but I sadly did not. That’s alright though because I had a lot of fun that night. After the dinner, some of my friends and I went to a karaoke event ran by the Music Appreciation Club.
This semestre was really fun and I wish I could stay longer, but I need to get my degree finished on time. Next, I have final exams… Wish me luck.

-Jacob Prijoles  

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