Tuesday, August 30, 2016

City Tour - Seoul

The day before our check out at the Ibis Ambassador in Myeongdong, mom decided to book a full day tour in Seoul.  The cost was 170,000 KRW per person, but I’d say it’s definitely worth it to learn some of the history and culture.
Our destinations included: Jogye Buddhist Temple, the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony, Gyeongbok Palace, the National Folk Museum, passing of the Presidential Blue House, Amethyst Center, Changdeok Palace, the Ginseng Center, Insadong, and Namdaemun Market.  Vegetable bibimbap was ordered for lunch, although I wish it had meat in it (but it was still ‘ono-licious).

Being able to visit the different palaces was simply breathtaking!  But I have to say, the palaces and architecture started to look the same after a while (no offense).  It’s unfortunate that during the country’s conflict with Japan, the Japanese burned majority of the palaces to the ground, but some of it was restored to its natural glory.  In fact, the amount of palaces that were restored isn’t even half of it and the grounds are already so expansive!After our group lunch, I was already having a “kanak-attack” and was having trouble keeping my eyes open during the shuttle ride.  Some may enjoy a 9am-5pm tour of the city, while others may not.  You could also do a half-day tour if you would rather go exploring elsewhere or would like to retire back to the hotel (which I wanted to do soooo badly).Our guide was extremely helpful and friendly and not to mention, she helped my mom and I to buy bath towels and blankets at Namdaemun.  By the way, if you want to buy things that are dirt-cheap, go to Namdaemun Market!
From all that walking, both my legs and feet were sore and I was dying to find a place to sit down on.  Did I also mention that in South Korea, there’s stairs-galore everywhere?  From the palaces to buildings… I SWEAR, you’ll get the booty of your dreams in no time!For more posts, visit my blog website at sweetdudette.com

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