Monday, May 18, 2015

London to Italy

London to Italy (and Paris again)

Hi everyone, I had to make a major spontaneous decision recently and it was whether I should go on a trip to Italy with my Uncle or not because it was two weeks before my big exams. Don't tell anyone, but I might be having too much fun on this study abroad trip. One of my flat mates gave me some advice that I thought was really interesting. She wanted me to consider whether I will remember failing three exams or going on a trip where I could make memories that would last a lifetime. Obviously I chose to go on the trip. (And I actually spent a whole week studying for my exams so I have really good feelings about not failing.) So I guess this is kind of telling students who are wondering if they want to study abroad or not. The answer is yes you really should! No regrets. Take the jump.

Italy is an amazing place to visit. It's like stepping through a time warp. Even though Italy is a young country it has history that dates far beyond what my tiny mind can grasp. I took a plane to Rome, drove to Florence, and took a train and water taxi to Venice. Greatest and most tiring trip I've ever been on and I think I've learned more through traveling then sitting in class.

Here are some photos to help you decide if you want to study or visit Italy. Rome is probably my favorite place in Italy because of the grandiosity of the buildings. Amazing architecture, amazing food, and big very big buildings.

The Colosseum: tip buy tickets in advance don't wait in the line you'll be there all day. 

The Roman Forum 

Lady of Roma 

Driving to Florence only took two hours. If I thought Rome was old Florence is even older. It has a more gothic style of architecture and art. It's a bit small. You can do Florence in a day. I also got lucky and got to see the David for free. 

The Fountain of Four Rivers (this is Rome) 

Tiny cars of Italy - I love 

The David original 

Bonjourno Venice! The magical city on the water. Wow, this is the most unique city I've ever seen and luckily I've travelled to many cities. There is beautiful scenery, great sea food, and luxury everywhere. Prada, Gucci, expensive boutique Italian brands and expensive restaurants. Good looking and very well dressed people every too. But don't let that bother you, as a student traveler I was able to do many things like walk around the maze like streets of shops, take a gondola ride, or visit other islands for 12 euros. I was also so inspired by the beauty that I picked up my pen and started drawing again. 

I think this is the church...the architecture is beautiful and so dreamy isn't eat? 

On the left is a church in St. Mark's Square that is a popular site and the right is the Doge's Palace which is more like a state of affairs building and a prison which is now converted into a museum. 

Had a gondola ride for 80 euros. A steep price but so worth it...When in Venice? You get to have a tour for 45 minutes and if you are nice enough the gondolier will even sing to you. Yes. Venice is so romantic and you are suppose to kiss under a bridge for good luck. One day I'll have to go back here with my significant other haha. 

*All my photos are taken with my Iphone sorry for the quality guys. 

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