Sunday, May 3, 2015

Che Cosa E' Nuovo con me?

Whats new with me you ask? Well I am here to not only show you some experiences I've had the pleasure of having, but also my gratitude for this program as a whole. During the past four months  I can honestly say I have learned more than any other semester I've ever had. I have learned a multitude of new painting techniques from famous pieces in museums all over Florence, and from my professor as well. Ive completed my first oil paintings, surrealism works and many more. 

My first oil painting self portrait project

Still life project with egg tempra paint and a hint of surrealism

Painting the Ponte Vecchio from the Firenze Rowing Club

My first fresco! A fresco is usually done on a concrete wall, but we did it on slabs of lime. This is the street I live on Via Del Ronco

My Griptape art of Cinque Terra, with paint pens for the medium

Through the incredibly hospitable community of skateboarders all over Europe I've been able to skate some amazing parks, film some new parts for a skate video, and compete in many skate competitions all over Europe. 

New skate family and sponsor of LaFabbricona 

Elbo Skatepark in Bologna

Far N' High Contest promo shot in three weeks!

Aside from skating, the scenery I have been able to see is incredible. Davvero Bella! Each place has character and culture all its own. I was lucky enough to take trips to Amsterdam, Croatia, Cinque Terra, Marseille, Venice and more. One excellent thing is that in the course of only four months abroad I can truly say that I have become fluent in speaking Italian. A feat that I am extremely proud of, and it has opened my mind to envisioning my success in other Latin based languages like French and Spanish. 

Cinque Terra 

 Venezia, or Venice, the floating city that is slowly sinking, and will only exist for a few hundred years more.


 Croatia Teguir and split

This experience abroad has been one of a kinda that I will never be able appropriately show my complete gratitude for. 

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