Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Land of Smiles

I technically can't prove this theory, but I am strongly convinced that time goes by faster in Thailand... It is already the end of February and I am wondering where all the time has gone!?!

Anyways, a lot has happened sense my last post so brace yourself...

The guy in this picture is me, but that is not the point. The important thing to notice is the awesome Aladdin pants that I am wearing. They are life changing. Hands down the best purchase I have ever made. This picture is taken on a swing bridge I went across while traveling in Malaysia. 

I had the opportunity to travel Malaysia over a long weekend break. Previously knowing little to nothing about this country, it turned out to be one of my most memorable experiences thus far. Malaysia has so much to offer! Amazing food (the Indian food was my favorite), beautiful hikes, interesting nightlife, and wonderful people to top it off. 
Going up the Mountain

Batu Caves
Petronas Towers

View from the top of the hike

Malaysian Garden outside of Kuala Lumpur
The previous month has been filled with many new adventures. I had the opportunity to travel almost every weekend to different parts of Thailand. Khao Yai (The Pictures below) was a weekend camping trip filled with hitchhiking, playing guitar around a Thai camp fire, hiking, and trying to avoid the monkeys that steal your food.

One weekend I traveled two hours north of Bangkok to the old capital of Thailand known as Ayutthaya. This is a very historical town filled with rich history and old temples. Our days consisted of going to floating food markets on the river and bicycling around the city to different temples.

I know what you're probably thinking... are you even going to school? I can assure you, I have put in plenty of school time, especially the last two weeks of midterms. In fact, this is the hardest I have ever worked in college. The Thai work ethic is vigorous and they take the academics here very seriously. I have also been told that I shouldn't of taken math classes in Asian countries...? (Lesson learned) I even have to wear a uniform here! (Notice below)

I continue to immerse myself in the Thai culture. At times I am still in disbelieve how different the way of life is here. Nevertheless, I have come to thoroughly enjoy the culture and people that make up Thailand.

That's all I have for right now! I leave you with a picture I took at a floating market near the school I attend.

While sitting at a riverside restaurant, a very sweet older lady casually canoed by with a boat filled with bananas. I'm guessing this is the place the person who created Banana Boat sunscreen got the idea?

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