Friday, February 6, 2015

Italia è così bella

It has been two weeks into my semester studying abroad in Firenze (Florence) and so far it has gone nothing like I would ever expect! Our trip began with a five day long orientation in Rome where we went on tours every day and dinners every night with my entire class at Richmond. I got the chance to see and venture in the Colosseum. We had one free day in which I took the opportunity to skate this park outside of Roma. Skateboarding has given me the opportunity to meet many hospitable skaters that have showed me around Italy and have really helped me learn italian quickly!

I'm in Florence now where I have had the chance to take a wonderful painting in Florence class for school and we get a museum card for students that gives us free admission to all the wonderful museums!Our next project is going to be a massive 3ft X 2.5ft full body self portrait oil painting! Ill keep you all updated on it once Im finished.
First project we are doing a still life painting with
Egg Tempra paint we made from scratch!

Salute! To my first blog post of many. Hope you all are having wonderful abroad experiences as well!

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