Friday, February 28, 2014

10 hour Journey to the land of South Korea

Hey Everyone!

My name is Jessica Bragg and I am currently majoring in Asian Studies with a Minor in Multimedia Studies. This is my first time living in a different country and studying abroad/student exchange.

I left Hawaii on the 23rd of February at around 10AM Hawaii time and arrived at Incheon Airport around 3:50PM February 24th, Korea time. Once I stepped foot outside of the plane, it was really cold. Considering I have only been accustomed to Hawaii's weather all my life, being in 30 below degree weather is taking its toll on me.

During this first week in Korea, I can say that Soonchunhyang University is very big and has a lot of stairs. I have actually tripped a few times climbing up and down stairs and steps. I think the stairs is the only disadvantage about being in Korea in general. However because of those stairs, it is actually helping me stay in shape. Everyday there was always something to do even though school has not officially started yet. After moving in on monday, tuesday morning everyone went to buy T-Money cards to be able to use the subway systems here in Korea. The returnee students took us to various places (such as Asan) where we can buy really cheap school supplies and necessities we will need for our dorm room. Wednesday, they took us to more places to buy cheap items in a newer town (Onyang?) and again to Asan where we went to more different stores. Thursday was the first day of Orientation where we got a tour of the school and met some more students. Later that day, some of the other returnee's took us to (Chonun?) where there is a mall called Shinsage that has prices similar to America but when they go on clearance, it is very cheap. Also there are underground shopping that has very cheap clothes as well. Lastly, Today was the last day of our orientation where we filled out all of our documents and such. It was a normal day though later on we were welcomed with a welcoming dinner! The staff at Soonchunhyang University seem very nice. I have yet to meet my Korean roommate so I really hope I become close to them soon.

Tomorrow, me and my friends from Hawaii, along with the Japanese students I have just met are planning to go to Seoul to visit the zoo, Namsan Tower, and other places hopefully. I'm really glad I know some Japanese as well, that way I can help them too.

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