Monday, April 17, 2017

SPAIN "Some call it cheap, I call it SMART".

Blog Post by: Michelle Manganello

Some call it cheap, I call it SMART.

Do you LOVE travel?! Are YOU ballin on a budget?! Are you also cheap?!
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then boy do I have news for you!
For just five EASY payments of $19.99 I will share with you, yes YOU, all of my handy dandy travel tips.

No, didn't sell ya? Yeah I didn't think so.* I will still share them with you though.


Enough funny business**, let's get down to it.

·         Book with budget airlines. Always.
·         Read their fine print. A lot of times they will nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING. For example, Ryanair will charge you 70€ if you don't print out your boarding pass.
·         If your trip is over four days Ryanair won't let you print out your departing pass until you are actually at your destination.  To avoid trouble, once you get where you are going, or just before you leave, go to the closest fancy hotel. They have free printing for non guests*** just go to the computer area and print it out there. Or put on your biggest smiley face and just ask the people at the front desk.
·         Have smart phone because I am about to throw some life changing apps your way.
·         Skyscanner. What a beautiful app. It searches EVERY SINGLE search engine out there. You can even type in "anywhere" and\or "anytime" and it shows you the CHEAPEST flights to and from anywhere in the world. I could give you more flight apps but this one searches through all of them.
·         Blabla Car: This is the safe and the nonfree way to hitchhike. But it is still pretty cheap. Cars will check in to the app and say hey hello I have this many open seats and I am heading here to there. And you pay a small price and Voila. It's basically a carpooling app.
·         Couch surfing. I swear by this app. It's amazing. I have used this everywhere. It's amazing. It's exactly like Airbnb. But free. This way you get to know real locals and meet people from all over the world. It works like this: Hey! I am_____! I am traveling here! I am from here. This is what I love. This is what is really cool about your profile. I will be there on these dates. Would it be possible to stay with you with my friend. It would be so appreciated and if you are ever here. You have a home with me. Thank you so much. And don't worry. People have hundreds of reviews and you can read them all, good and bad. Everyone is also verified. Great app. Sometimes it can be competitive so be sure to give a really nice message and lots more personal than that example haha.
·         Map.Me: This is an app that you can download maps of any city in the world. So you then can map yourself around with out using wifi.
·         Google maps: Fun fact: this app will still keep mapping you with out data if you start mapping in a wifi area.
·         Airbnb: people rent out rooms in their house, sometimes even the whole house. You can even rent out bungalows, tree houses, castles, igloos, and so much more.
·         Are you bored of apps? If not message me for more and I have tons. But these are the go to's.
·         CLEAR YOUR DANG COOKIES BEFORE YOUR BOOKING. Computers track what you search so it will always have a higher price if the airline sight knows you are interested.
·         Get on Facebook. Join so many groups. Girls love travel is great. Just type in travel, the place you are going, or backpacking. The help you will get from people is astonishing.
·         Sandeman Tours: These are some of the best walking tours EVER. Did I mention they are free? (But don't forget to tip your guide my people)
·         (In Europe) the train is not always the cheapest way to get somewhere. Try looking for busses to get places. Flix Bus is great

*Donations and affirmations are still accepted. I can be reached at mmangane@im.totallykidding.tnks

**There is actually never enough funny business.

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