Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Visit Portugal on your way to or from Europe!

Hi Everyone,

I want to share a great deal you can get that allows you to visit an awesome country, plus get an awesome price on flights between Europe and the US!

Coming from Hawaii, most of you will be transiting through the US mainland if you are flying to Europe. The national airline of Portugal, called TAP Portugal, has a program that will get you almost anywhere in Europe for a great price- plus a short stay in Lisbon! They fly from Newark, JFK, and Boston (possibly more) to the capital city of Lisbon. Then, you can take a connecting flight to literally almost anywhere on the continent.

The best part is their new program which allows you to stay in Lisbon for up to 3 days at no extra charge. That means your connecting flight to your destination country can be up to 3 days after you land in Lisbon. And the best part is that this airline is usually one of the cheapest options anyway!

Here is a photo of the plane- we flew from Nice (France) to Lisbon, and then to JFK. TAP Portugal has free food, FREE MOVIES on your personal seat TV, and comfortable seating, all in Economy.

We only got to spend 24 hours in Portugal, because we wanted to make it back to America for Christmas. But it was easy to see Lisbon even in that time. They have a good public transportation system that is cheap and will take you everywhere, and the weather was beautiful even in December.

Two photos taken right there in the city near the airport.

Portugal has a ton of awesome restaurants, including larger-than-normal breakfast choices by European standards, so make sure you come hungry.

We saw the Praça do Comércio (main city square), Belém Tower (where Christopher Colombus set off), and much more. There's also a hilltop castle that is fun to visit, but make sure you get to the suburb of Belém to see most of the historic sites.

If you plan on just staying in Lisbon for your time there like we did, there is a hotel called the Radisson Blu Lisbon right there by the airport. They even have a free airport shuttle, are across the street from a metro stop, have a fantastic Portuguese restaurant, and clean comfy rooms.

If you are going to do this deal during the summer, then I definitely recommend planning a beach day. Portugal has some of the best beaches in Europe and again, some are right there near the city! For that I would recommend renting a car.

To book, just go to, and you can also see the deals they currently have to popular places like London, Paris, Rome, etc. from the US. You will also see their deal for up to 3 days in Portugal, do it on your way there or back and you will not be disappointed! I am definitely going to use this deal again next time.

Have fun,
Woodrow Matthews
France, Fall 2016

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