Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Truth About Coming Back From Study Abroad

Hello all!

This is my last post, and consequently I've decided that writing it after being home would be appropriate to truly capture post study abroad feelings.
I would really like to point out that I felt completely unprepared for what being home would feel like. At first my last week in the UK was a bit exciting. I was excited to see my family once again, to be home, and give them the gifts I would be bringing back for them. But as the day approached for me to leave Hatfield and the UK altogether, I was more than unhappy and the entire experience was surreal. All the friends I made, I spent most of my time there with them. I think I spent more time in their flat than in my own flat. The truth is that I genuinely loved being in their company. So when you spend that much time around people and you suddenly find yourself around 4700 miles away it is more than a bit odd. Whether it be you are around a group of people most of the day, or you had a different routine, you still have created a norm for your life abroad. And coming home 100% disrupts that. That is the truth about coming home from study abroad. Your normal routine becomes obsolete, as you no longer are in the vicinity to go to over to the next flat, or walk to Nandos for dinner, or take the train to Kings Cross station and ride the tube all day. Suddenly the excitement to see your family or be home diminishes quickly. At least for me, it did, and the process was fast. It took about 24 hours for me to skype my "U.K. fam" otherwise known as the friends I miss back in the U.K.. What is odd about that is they seemed to be just as bummed as I was about leaving. That is the other truth about coming home from studying abroad, you don't really know how important the connections you make with people are until you leave. And additionally, your time abroad impacts more than just you, but those around you and the people you interact with. Here are some photos from my last weeks in the U.K., that is until the next time I return...                                                                                
On the Plane for the holidays to Ireland

Outing in Dublin with Roisin
Happy Christmas from Kildare, Ireland

"Fam" Portrait, with Mark (Left) and D'Andre (Right) in the infamous Flat 4. Some of my favorite neighbors, and new friends. The beginning of my official last week in England.

My last week in the UK, and a visit to the Warner Bros, Harry Potter Studio tour was a must.
Got a shot in front of the Chamber of Secrets Door used
in the films.

On my way to board the Hogwarts Express

Left- last full day fun with my
flatmate Sherlene from Malayaisa, 
My good friend Giuditta (from Italy) and I.

Sarah (from Essex) and I. 
My friend Sam and I.

Mercedes, Bridget, and I

The last photo taken  minutes before getting in the taxi to the airport. Nobody really wanted this photo taken, it was a pretty upsetting time. And in reality, I didn't think I would be, or that they would be so sad during this time. Two of my friends didn't even face the camera, and the rest of the smiles were actually really forced. This photo is the last truth I think I want to present. Nothing can really prepare you for what it is like when you leave your study abroad term. Goodbyes are terrible, and I started missing my flat, flatmates, neighbors, and England in general when this photo was taken. It was the last picture with all of us, for an undetermined amount of time, and that is extremely odd to think about when you spend most of your time with these people.
Thanks for the good times England, I can't wait to go back for more.


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