Friday, October 9, 2015

Mint tea and a nice piece rghaif :D

Salam, Everyone:D
It's Carina again, and I am now on week six of my semester here in Morocco and so i believe with that said  i am local enough to tell you all about Morocco now :D Ha ha okay maybe not but i will provide you with some awesome information!!! First things first....Mint tea....its delicious and everywhere!!! second thing rghaif.....Kuli, Kuli,, eat , and eat...its truly "benin"... as the Moroccans say"tasty"
Words to keep in mind: benin- tasty, and Kuli- eat...see your already learning Darija its the Moroccan dialect. Your almost ready for Morocco just a few more things to keep in mind.


  Person : Sweet, savory,... and wait is that powdered sugar on top...Eww...What is  that anyway?
Carina: The best thing you've had I swear....I and the rest of my friends day dream about this stuff!!! 
Person : Wait something is totally wrong here...How can something good be sweet, and savory you gotta tell me more!
Carina: Yupp....Its called Pastilla and it is truly amazing!!! 
person 1: I'm ready...I'm ready ...sign me up already!
Carina: Wowaha...this is just some of the haven't even heard about the rest that Morocco has to offer.

Okay, now your almost ready to study in Morocco:D The last piece of advice i would like to give to not eat the shwarma on the street...really? yes really or you will be in the bathroom for along time. Okay... now on a serious note... really?  Okay not really...have fun, make Moroccan friends, go to the souk, barter with the everything ha ha...really take every opportunity that comes your way:D "What you put into your trip is what you really will get out of it" remember your Passport...and WELCOME to MOROCCO!!! 
P.S. If you want any more advice from a local;D feel free to NOT contact me lol...okay  just kidding yes please....if you really are interested in Morocco even if its just a small me, I can try and answer all your questions for you.
 Carina (



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