Monday, April 13, 2015

Activism Through Art in Matagalpa - My Research Project

I've arrived in a new city! I've spent the last two months living in the capitol city of Managua in Nicaragua, but traveling to other places almost every other week, too. On Saturday, I moved to the city of coffee and chocolate, Matagalpa. I'll be staying here for the next month to begin my research project. It will be a nice change in pace to not be moving around all the time, but I already know I'll be very busy here (like always).

My house looks down from the mountains into the heart of Matagalpa. 

My project will focus on how the people of Nicaragua are using art in public spaces (street art, murals, graffiti) for social change or social movements. Here in Matagalpa, I've already seen a good amount of feminist art; the feminist movement is very alive in this particular city. It's exciting to see how the people are taking to the streets to express their feelings, perspectives, and ignite discussion. Much of the art says things like "La revoluciĆ³n sera feminista o no sera," or "Las mujeres bien portadas rara vez han hecho historia." In English, they say "The revolution will be feminist or it will not be," and "The well-behaved women have rarely made history."

It's exciting to see the amount of willpower and drive that the communities have to change things for the better. I've learned a lot about the people of Nicaragua, and they have such strong hearts. The excitement to continue my research and complete my project is overwhelming, and hopefully I can share it with you all when it is complete!

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