Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Picture post

I'm back sooner than I thought! Spent my lunch hour trying to upload some pictures for you, it's not a lot, but it is some of what we have done, and it's all I had time for because it took a while..

The first picture is from Prison 4, which was interesting, but also terrible to see how the prisoners were kept in this awful place. It was overcrowded to an extent that was not humane and they lived in terrible conditions.

This picture is from inside the Constitutional Court, I don't remember exactly what the guide said, but it is a kind of logo to represent the new South Africa.

This is also from inside the Constitutional Court and it is a quote by Mandela.

The Voortrekker Monument.
Climbing the Voortrekker Monument.
Statue of Mandela outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria.
I didn't mention this in my last post, but we went to Giraffe House which is a wildlife awareness center, and this is my new friend.
The Giraffe House obviously has giraffes.
Just before we moved in with our host families, we did a hike up Lions Head, and this is the view from about half way up.
As we climbed higher the view got worse and worse, and eventually we couldn't see anything.
We made it to the top!
The view of Table Mountain when we walk from the classroom to where the gym and all the shops are.
My house in Langa.
My street in Langa.
Outside of my little side street in Langa.
Another thing that I didn't really talk about yesterday is the amazing food my mama cooks. Everyday we have an amazing dinner and I eat way too much. Apparently my mama also cooks a lot more vegetables than many of my classmates mamas do, which is really nice. But yesterday I probably had the most interesting food experience, on the menu for the day was Chicken Heart Stew. I was kind of hesitant when she told me what it was, but I have to say, I was positively surprised, it was not too different from any other part of a chicken. And with the sauce from the stew and the steamed bread, it was actually really good!
That's it for today!

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