Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some things I've noticed about Madrid, Spain

One.   Everyone smokes. I Knew  many Europeans smoked but I never guessed there would be smoke everywhere.  Especially the students at my school. There's a break in a class longer than one hour, and without hesitation they 'take that chance to go smoke outside. I can not remember a day when I 'm not walking behind someone and get hit by a cloud of smoke unexpectedly. It's the norm.
Two. They  sure say ' Vale '  a lot.  It's their word for 'ok' and it's pretty amusing. I'm almost sure I will say it at Least Once before I leave. 
Three. DOGS! They're everywhere! It's so awesome! It's nice 15 dogs passing by on my way home. What a treat seeing furry friends Have the freedom to walk everywhere, and dine by Their owners in an outdoor restaurant.
. 4  There is literally a bar / coffee / club every other door.  It's neat. I am not much of a bar person but I do love how every one of them has a unique style and all of them look so homey! The ones by my host home make me want to go in them and read a book every time I pass by them. I have yet to do that.
. 5  These people  love  to party.  obviously it's Something I expected- Madrid! But it is amazing to me how you can leave your house at 1:00 a.m. and go get ice cream, walk around the city, go clubbing or bar hopping, and there are still plenty of people out around 6:00 a.m.. 
. 6  You learn to say 'NO'.  Being from Miami and living in Hawaii, I have not experienced many beggars or Promoters (ironically). Coming here was a hit in the face with people asking for stuff. I got so overwhelmed the first few times I went around the city there are Un Certain Because you reach spots where there is a flock of vultures That all you eat Towards rushing to Promote Their club or bar. When you say no the first time it's not good enough. They persist and persist until you almost Have to push them out of your way or yell at them. In the daytime, if you are enjoying your meal outside a restaurant, get prepared Because They will come for you. Promoters Not this time, but many gypsies and romans asking for change or money. Again, if you say no, they '' '' will stay there and ask you 5 more times. I'm learning not to smile politely and say not, but to simply say NO. That Normally works. I hate being mean, but: sometimes that's the only thing That Works. It is understandable the amount of People that do this, since the unemployment is about 35%, but again, it is something to get used to.
7. Ham is a staple.  If I still ate meat I would be a happy person. But after a year of not eating meat (only on very rare occasions), it's not the most pleasant smell when I 'pass by a meat market. Not sure if it's the freshly cut raw pork legs hanging by the window, or the pictures of cute little pigs on the glass door but I do not like it.  
8.  So many smells!   From the sweet smell of fresh baked bread in the morning to two minutes later smelling the garbage in the streets for only a second later to be hit by cigarette smoke and then sweetly fresh fruits Nose creeping into you, you never rich flavor can expect what you're going to smell.

9. Transportation. It's all about walking or riding trains / m here! Which is great for two reasons- you always stay fit (Relatively), and you get to see everything around you! All the cute little boutiques and stores, restaurants and cafes that you 'Would certainly miss if in a car. On the other hand for that second part, it Could Be really dangerous for your wallet to walk by all those cute places.
There are others That I can not think of now, things are expensive That except (other than Vuelos to other countries), But This trip is exciting and culture-shocking and perspective-changing and everything else! I'm glad I'm here but I know it's going to take a great deal of getting used to.

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