Sunday, June 8, 2014

Winter Season in Australia

So this morning and the past few days Ive been seeing all of my friends, both in Hawaii and in California, talking about how they are excited for summer vacation. All of them were discussing the nice warm weather and talking about going to the beach and what not. Unfortunately that is not the case here in Australia, for you see while it might be summer time in the United States, it is Winter season here in Australia.

As Australia sits below the equator (whereas the United States sits above it), the seasons are literally the polar opposite here. When my brother and I left California in February it was freezing, and when we arrived in Brisbane is was over 100 degrees. Now in the month of June, the weather is below 50 degrees. Now when we were in Sydney in April the weather was quite chilly as it was the Fall season, it still doesn't compare to how cold it is currently in Townsville.

This opposite twist i weather doesn't just occur here in  Australia however. It actual effects every country or landmass located below the equator, so this includes Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the South American continent, as well as many more. Although it has been rather cold for the past few days, I here it will get much colder in the next few weeks, and by the time I go to Melbourne, It will be much much colder, so cold that we might see snow. Although this does seem like a complete bummer, its actually an experience to witness cold weather when you expect it to be in the 80's and 90's during the months of June and July. But then again I'll just have to see for myself and decide weather I like Australia's cold weather or not.

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